Guide to The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation During Winter

Colder air and wintry weather has finally reached most of the country. At Affordable Insulation of Oklahoma, that means working overtime to make sure as many people as possible are staying warm this winter. Truthfully, there’s no better way to keep your house warm and cozy than with spray foam insulation.

This tends to be the time of year where we realize we have drafty spots in the house, or cold air is seeping in through unexpected places. Spray foam insulation is a great solution for keeping your house sealed, and keeping you and your family warm. So, if you’re considering foam insulation, let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits, and how they can help you this winter.

Even Temperatures Throughout the House

With spray foam insulation, you’ll never have to worry about some rooms being warmer or colder than others. You’ll be able to experience a consistent temperature in any room of the house, thanks to the strong barrier of the insulation itself. This is exceptionally useful in the summer as well, as it doesn’t allow heat to penetrate through walls. In the winter months, however, this benefit will help to keep you warm.
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No Drafty Areas

One of the biggest benefits of spray foam is that it gets into every crack and crevice of the room where it’s sprayed. Unlike traditional insulation, there will be no area left behind that can’t be perfectly fitted with a quality seal. This can be especially useful if you’re installing attic insulation, or getting it sprayed in a room of the home that brings in a lot of air.

Because of this tight seal, you won’t experience any more drafts or ‘cold spots’ throughout the home, within any room. Of course, sealing up windows and doors properly for the winter can be important, but when it comes to the rooms, this type of insulation provides one of the strongest seals possible.

Lower Your Heating Bills

Because of the quality seal provided by this type of insulation, you can expect to see a significant decrease in your heating bills this winter. Your furnace won’t have to work as hard to keep your home warm, because it will already have a barrier from the outside elements. Less work for your furnace means extra savings for you this year! During the holidays and beyond, that’s always appreciated! If you choose to go with foam insulation, try comparing your heating bills to years past. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

A Barrier for Moisture

While you don’t often have to worry about mold growth during the winter, moisture is a different story. If there are any leaks in your walls, ceilings, etc., moisture from rain (and even snow) can drip down, and eventually cause water damage, or even mold, if it’s a continuous leak that lasts through the warmer months. Not only does spray foam provide an airtight seal, but a water-tight seal as well. It works as an exceptional moisture barrier, keeping water out of your home, and preventing damage and mold hazards. So, if the weather takes a turn this winter season, you don’t have to worry about the problems outside coming in.

Extended Lifespan

This isn’t directly a winter benefit, but a year-round ‘plus’ to having spray foam insulation. In fact, it’s a year after year ‘plus.’ The lifespan of this product is exceptionally longer than its counterparts like traditional batting insulation. It can be an investment at first, but the quality you’ll receive for years to come, no matter the season, will pay for itself in no time. With all of the incredible benefits listed above, knowing you’ll be able to experience them for years is well-worth it. With this extended lifespan, you can count on a significant savings over the years through your heating bills that will add up quickly.

Spray insulation also adds value to your home – if you decide to have it installed this winter and sell your home next year, it can greatly increase the overall value of your property.

Making Spray Foam Insulation a Priority

Making sure your home is not only comfortable and warm, but safe and efficient this winter season (and every season to follow) is of the utmost importance. You shouldn’t have to go another winter with old insulation that simply doesn’t live up to the necessities of your house.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to drafts, moisture, and hello to lower heating bills, spray foam insulation is absolutely the way to go. You’re bound to notice additional benefits over time, and continue reaping the rewards of a comfortable home through the colder months. If you have questions, or want more information about this type of insulation for your home, feel free to contact Affordable Insulation of Oklahoma at (918) 371-7667

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